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Purchasing FAQ

Please call us at +31 851 149 060 or e-mail us at with any unanswered or additional questions about your SOVA mouthguard!

What Are My Payment Options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

How Do I Purchase/Redeem Gift Certificates?

To purchase a SOVA gift certificate, click here. If you are the recipient of a SOVA gift certificate, you can redeem your gift certificate here.

How Do I Use A Coupon?

To use a coupon, select “View Cart” after adding items to your cart. Then, enter your coupon code into the box located at the bottom of your shopping cart.

Does SOVA Ship Internationally?

We are able to ship to the continental United States as well as Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam.
PLEASE NOTE that Canadian orders should be allowed 12-14 business days for delivery.

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