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SISU SOVA™ Night Guard is a bruxism appliance designed to be formed by the patient at home or by the dentist in the dental office. The finished guard is made from a tough polymer material with a flat occlusal surface and perforated labial and lingual flanges. The thermoplastic material has a high tensile strength and is biocompatible, and BPA-free. The Night Guard starts as out in flat, horseshoe shape, but after immersion in  60˚C water, the material becomes pliable. The Night Guard is then moulded against the teeth until it becomes hardened, taking approximately one minute. SISU SOVA™ Night Guard is only 1.6 mm thick adding to its comfort and can be heated and remoulded up to 20 times. The SISU SOVA™ Night Guard is available to dental professionals at a wholesale price to be sold through the dental office or a coupon can be issued for dentists who wish to simply recommend our product. A 120-day durability warranty is also provided.


Thirty-one consultants evaluated SISU SOVA™ Night Guard after delivering 155 units to patients during a study conducted by The Dental Advisor. guardThe SOVA™ Night Guard received an 80% clinical rating.

Consultants’ Comments 

  • ‘Great option when we need an immediate splint.’
  • ‘Molds and fits better than other “boil-and-bite” guards.’
  • ‘Excellent adaptation and retention can be achieved.’
  • ‘The ability to reheated and re-adapted numerous times is one of the best features.”   


Diffusix™ Technology

Diffusix™ technology works with unique perforations and special ‘crumple zones’ which prevent impact forces from travelling to your teeth, relieving pain and reducing the risk of dental injury.

How it Works

Designed to withstand 30% more impact than a conventional mouth guard, SOVA™’s scientifically engineered crumple zones prevent the residual force of impact from travelling to your teeth. When a SOVA™ Night Guard is properly fitted, perforations oscillate on impact, dissipating the grinding forces and guiding those forces into the crumple zones.


So, why the perforations?

Designed for better durability and impact resistance, the perforations allow for a custom fit and the natural flow of air and saliva. Built on the basis of bridge building engineering, the perforations oscillate during night grinding and spread impact forces through the surface of the guard and away from your teeth.

SOVA™ + Diffusix™ = A Better Day

Here is how SOVA™ uses Diffusix™ technology to relieve your pain and leave you feeling better.

Ready to experience the science of a better day?