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Akervall Technologies Europe AB is a subsidiary of Akervall Technologies Inc. Akervall Technologies Europe AB presents a new way of thinking about mouth guards. Rather than build upon a fundamentally bad idea, with poor protection due to the material, the technology and the design, Akervall Technologies Europe AB concentrates on providing modern protection for modern athletes. The goal is to keep athletes in all sports covered so that they can keep their smiles after their careers and to make sure that everyone can afford to protect their teeth. Although SISU™ provides 30% to 50% better protection than conventional mouth guards, it costs only a tenth of what dentist-made mouth guards cost.

SISU™ has its roots in medical technology, and it was in this environment that the materials and technology for the mouth guards were first produced. The material has been refined in the laboratory and supplemented with a revolutionary design which makes the guard extremely strong.

After successful establishment in the United States, SISU™ made the move to Europe with Akervall Technologies Europe AB, a subsidiary of Akervall Technologies Inc. Sales in Europe go through retailers, organisations, clubs and our own website

SISU™ sales outside Europe is handled by
Sova™ sales outside Europe is handled by

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